Buy Wholesale Meat

Buy Wholesale Meat

Freshness and quality are the biggest factors that decide the purchase or sale of wholesale meat from a market.

As convenient as commercial markets may seem as the place to buy meat, they are no match to the meat produced closer to the source. It takes years of experience and quality service to establish a business of wholesale meat suppliers. From everyday cuts to rare varieties, meat suppliers, distributors, stores, and restaurants that buy wholesale meat from Golden West Food Group (GWFG) recognize its superior quality products that yield delicious flavor and nutritious meals for the end-user.

While on the topic, buying wholesale meat is just as much about the loyalty to quality as it is about relationships. Now, customers prefer to buy wholesale meat produced only from high-quality farm animal breeds raised on healthy farms. Golden West Food Group has built long-standing and lasting relationships with these ranch owners over the last 38 years. Meat suppliers, distributors, food processors, manufacturers, stores, club stores, restaurants and caterers from all parts of the country buy wholesale meat from Golden West Food Group for the unbeatable quality, reliable service, and consistent delivery all year round. GWFG operates under and sticks to the strictest Quality Promise, BRC and USDA rules and standards in the industry. The constant promise to service and provide quality products help beat competitors when it comes to people who buy wholesale meat.

Good Nutrition Guaranteed

GWFG understands the value of bringing healthy nutritious products to the market. We are committed to the well-being of all the animals that are used in our food products including proper handling and humane slaughter. GWFG uses suppliers and growers of beef, pork and chicken products that support the highest standards, work with improved technology, and have written practices and procedures with respect to the management of the animals and their proper treatment at all times. GFWG’s processing goes beyond the USDA and BRC Rules of the FSIS including Humane Slaughter of Livestock Regulations because of their promise to health and quality. Those who buy wholesale meat from GWFG get lots of compliments from their customers that the proteins are high in quality, tender, full of delicious flavor, and juicy.

Food… It is What We Do.

Blend of Traditional and State-of-the-Art Technology

Customers buy wholesale meat from GWFG because of the trusted relationship they have built with GWFG over the years because GWFG regularly delivers the highest quality products on time with great customer service. With their food products in over 17,000 locations across the nation, GWFG runs modern manufacturing plants to handle the volume demands of feeding the country and it is a well-known source to buy wholesale meat.

You can buy meat produced at GWFG plants knowing that the method of manufacturing and quality assurance testing is never compromised. Our facilities features the following traditional and high-end technologies to service you:

  1. Over 1000 Butchers and Meat Processing personnel
  2. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment including:
    • Dual Spiral Ovens
    • Batch Kettles
    • Batch production and assembly to handle demands
    • Burger/Patty Lines
    • Bowl Choppers
    • Vacuum Marination
    • Smokehouses
    • IQF Tunnels
    • In-line Fry Systems
  3. State-of-the-art packaging lines
  4. Automated examination of freshness and texture consistency of raw, freshcase ready meats
  5. Separate batch units for Glatt (good quality/acceptable/edible under Jewish law) and (Islamic-law approved) meats
  6. We use technology to neutralize the wastes and dump it in biodegradable containers to prevent cross-contamination and contagious diseases.
  7. Power back-ups ensure that the meat department is never left exposed to the elements.

GWFG focuses on producing and delivering wholesale raw and fully cooked proteins, value added meat products, main courses, hummus, dips, salsas and more according to the exact detailed descriptions requested by each customer.

GWFG obeys GFSI-BRC standards providing a benchmark for stores and licensor’s with uniform creations and audit procedures. This gives transparency throughout the food manufacturing delivery chain. The key judging requirements include:

  1. On-Site Continuous USDA Supervision
  2. Good Manufacturing Practices
  3. HACCP Systems for all Processing Lines
  4. QA Departments at all Plants
  5. Daily Complete Sanitation Shifts of all machinery operated with zero-touch operations.
  6. In-House and Outside Micro-Testing Programs
  7. 24 Hour Computerized Temperature supervising Program
  8. High quality Production, careful examination, and Oversight
  9. Antimicrobial Intervention Process including:
    • FDA Approved
    • Meat Microbiological Intervention Program
    • Effective against Disease-causing and Spoilage bacteria
    • Ozonated Water System Spray Tunnel System- Kills Bacteria and E-coli on Contact
      • Top and Bottom Spray System
      • 6′ Spray Zone and Conveyor System
    • Helps Surface Coverage
    • No Effect on Taste or Appearance
  10. X-Ray and Metal Detection
  11. Food Safety Management Systems

Buy Wholesale Meat product categories

You can buy wholesale meat products from the following categories:

  1. Fresh and Frozen proteins (Beef, Poultry, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Offal, Halal and Kosher Meat)
  2. Fully cooked proteins (Beef, Poultry, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Offal, Halal and Kosher Meat)
  3. Sliced, Diced, Cubed, and Ground proteins
  4. Value-Added Marinated Meats
  5. Fully-Cooked Entrées
  6. Antibiotic Free (ABF), Grass Fed, Organic, All Natural

From the following species:

  1. Beef – Cut to any size and specification
  2. Poultry (Chicken, Turkey) – Whole, Portioned Cuts; Cut to any size and specification
  3. Pork – Cut to any size and specification
  4. Lamb – Whole meat, cuts and racks; Cut to any size and specification
  5. Exotic Meats
  6. Offal
  7. Kosher Meat
  8. Halal Meat

The dedicated staff and customer service representatives at GWFG help your wholesale meat buying needs. Buying wholesale meat from a supplier like GWFG guarantees your happiness and that of your customers knowing you are providing the highest quality products for them to enjoy. It all begins with customers who buy wholesale meat.

Certifications you can trust when you buy wholesale meat

At Golden West Food Group, we can provide some of the highest quality products under the highest level of specialty certifications. So, our certified organic, edible under Jewish law) and (Islamic-law approved) programs operate under the strictest supervision, care, and attention.

Our meat manufacturing plant and packaging unit have earned Certificates of quality, promise and extremely clean service that back our claims of being USA’s best wholesale meatsupplier. GWFG is certified by the following:

  1. BRC
  2. GFSI
  3. FDA
  4. USDA
  5. a href=”” target=”_blank”>USDA Organic
  6. FSIS
  7. Oregon Tilth for Organic
  8. Zabiha Halal for Halal Meats
  9. Orthodox Union for Kosher production
  10. Global Food Safety Initiative- GFSI
  11. Good Manufacturing Practice- GMP
  12. SGS
  13. HACCP

Our meat products are Quality Controlled at each processing stage so when you buy wholesale meat from us, you know its quality product you can trust.

More than a trade

Apart from selling wholesale meat, sharing knowledge about the market and building a positive outlook towards meat industry sets GWFG apart from their competitors. Their experienced staff can offer advice and insights that customers need to make smart choices. This helps build a strong partnership with national stores, distributors, manufacturers, local domestic users, start-up restaurants, chains, mass merchandisers, casinos, theme parks, entertainment properties and street food suppliers. The dedicated personal service meets every demand with a flexible approach built around the company’s core principles.

Your desire for the best quality meat is the driving force that pushes us to deliver just that each and every day.

Sustained Partnership Model

Our wholesale meat produce reaches the remotest corners of the country, thanks to the value and commitment we share with our partners. The responsibility with which we sustain their brand name constantly drives us. When you buy wholesale meat from our suppliers, you are also buying the years of experience and the friendly relationship we share with each of our customers.

For prices, just ask! We are here to serve you!