About Us

We believe in making the best products and being the best partner

Whether breaking bread or building business, great food is best shared with smart, friendly people you can trust. We bring both to the table.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the safest, highest quality, value added food products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

Product Mission

To produce the highest quality food products with an unrelenting commitment to the freshest, most nutritious ingredients and promotion of eco-friendly business practices.

Social Mission

To conduct operations in a way that actively recognizes the impact business has in society and initiate efforts to progressively improve our local community and beyond.


Our company ethos is built on ten core values that shape our decision-making, drive how we approach our people, products, and services, and unite us around a culture of excellence.


Steady advancement in everything we do through an unrelenting commitment to solve, progress, and achieve.


A vision, accountability, responsibility, and influence that enhances the performance of others at every level.


An unwavering focus on, and commitment to, our customers, employees, products, business, and community.


A commitment to approaching every day with playful enthusiasm, youthful energy, and wide-eyed excitement.

Team Work

A selfless collaboration and cooperation for the greater good of our products, our services, our company, and our customers.


Using authentic truth, honor, and integrity to guide how we think, act and make decisions.

Social Stewardship

A steadfast commitment to improving the social, cultural, and environmental qualities of our communities and the world around us.


Say what you think. Do what you say.


Honoring differences and diversity, championing fairness and equality, and ensuring everyone feels they can be their authentic selves.


Actively supporting, inspiring, and motivating our employees, customers, and communities to overcome, succeed, and achieve.

24 / 7 / 365

Shipping worldwide all week

We bid on and secure large volume opportunities. And our GFSI-BRC Certification exceeds any food safety requirements found anywhere in the world.

Our Distribution Centers

We operate distribution centers throughout the United States and in key regions abound the globe to service restaurants, distributors, casinos, resorts, theme parks, the US military, and more

Let’s make something great together.